International use of Uniclass 2015 – Japan

There was an excellent presentation as part of a conference yesterday ran by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism about Uniclass 2015.

I was made aware of it and although my foreign languages are poor (apologies – GCSE French only), the process and the use of Uniclass 2015 during a developed design is clear. We’ve already seen Uniclass 2015 being mandated by states in Australia and have heard of translations into Spanish and Portugese for use in South America and Central America. Is this further evidence of Uniclass 2015 slowly becoming the classification for BIM around the world?

To see the full presentation which is in the public domain, visit the Japanese MLIT website:


Google Translate helps on the HTML links

Using the EN and SL tables at an early design stage

Using the EF and Ss tables as the design progresses 

Writing outline specifications for the specific system types

Defining which…

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