Navisworks SDK 2022 Change Log

The SDK of  Navisworks 2022 has been posted on  ADNOpen:

The contents are mostly same to the previous releases, while ActiveX redistributable dll is deprecated. The following two are no longer included in the SDK:

  • activex_redistributable_x64.msm
  •  Navisworks ActiveX Redistributable x64 Setup.exe

These are based on an old technology. As an alternative solution, we encourage you to look at Forge Viewer. If you are new to Forge, here is a good getting started tutorial: If you need help using Forge API, please contact Forge team is happy to assist.

If you still require redistributable dll while migrating to an alternative solution, please contact us at with the title Navisworks ActiveX Redistributable and describe the use scenario of your side.  We will  evaluate and help you while you transition.

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