The design sprint: Structured decision making

The simplest and most effective thing an organisation can do to be more innovative is to make faster decisions. This article looks at some of the common pitfalls in making decisions, particularly around the waterfall project management method. We’ll then present the agile methodology, which embraces change and enables iterative decision making. Finally, we’ll explain the design sprint framework by which organisations can structure their decision-making process.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

Mike Tyson


In our previous article, ‘Where good ideas come from‘, we described the science around ideation and how brainstorming sessions can result in groupthink. We concluded by making four recommendation when forming an innovation strategy:

  1. Assemble participants with diverse expertise & backgrounds;
  2. Ditch the brainstorming sessions for working alone together;
  3. Create an environment where ideas can be shared and challenged…

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