Renumber balconies with Dynamo | Parametric Monkey

When designing apartments, often it is necessary to understand the relationship between an apartment and its external areas. However, in Revit, only elements of specific categories, such as Doors and Windows, have this functionality built-in via the room calculation point. This tutorial demonstrates how we can use this approach on Curtain Panels to renumber balconies and terraces based on their associated apartment.


Understanding the relationship between an apartment and its external areas is frequently required for compliance testing. For example, section 4E of the NSW Apartment Design Guide requires that minimum areas and depths be achieved for private open areas. These requirements are based on the dwelling type:

Dwelling type Minimum area Minimum depth
Studio apartments 4m2
1 bedroom apartments 8m2 2m
2 bedroom apartments 10m2 2m
3+ bedroom apartments 12m2 2.4m
Private open space requirements, NSW Apartment Design Guide

The problem


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