4D BIM: Integrate Construction Schedule into 3D BIM Model

Adding the value of “time” or “the fourth dimension” in a 3D model provides accurate schedules and planning precisions of materials and resources, to track onsite projects visually and improve construction performance.

Visual scheduling or reinforcing a layer of time in 3D BIM models offers project stakeholders the ability to identify parallel workflows. Fast-track construction requires forward-thinking processes and tools like 4D BIM transform project workflows based on efficient progress monitoring, risk mitigation and enhanced coordination.

Contractors and owners adopt BIM to gain a phasing sequence of planned construction and compare it to the actual construction schedules. As projects progress through various milestones, the information in BIM gets detailed and refined based on as-built conditions, shop drawings, etc. These capabilities can be leveraged to analyse and resolve onsite construction clashes.

Project challenges faced during construction

4D BIM resolves a…

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