Bricks are modular.  Bricks are subject to natural variations in size.

Some designers work to brick sizes, using rules like “15 brick lengths plus one joint” or 7 brick lengths minus one joint.”  That can be a topic for another time.  Sometimes there are other factors at play, and designers will just round off their dimensions, or choose lengths that deliver their target areas. 

Modular sizing is especially relevant to facework.  Where the wall is to be plastered, and/or the bricks are highly irregular in size, the modular approach is less relevant.


Bricklayers achieve irregular lengths by introducing “Broken Bond.”  This involves cut bricks, and/or header bricks in stretcher courses, to achieve the desired length.  On long walls it may be possible to simply tighten up the mortar joints, or perhaps widen them slightly.  But variable joint sizes should be used sparingly and within strict limits.  They can look very unsightly and lead to weakness.

I am using the BIM…

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