Integrating Hyperions volumetric room heatmaps into Dasher

Today’s post is a follow-on from the first part where we looked at integrating Hyperion sprites into Dasher. (The posts are independent, though, so you don’t have to read the first one if you’re only interested in integrating heatmaps.)

I was supposed to publish this at the beginning of the week, but I ended up getting bogged down by a couple of urgent projects – both of which I’m happy to say have led to me making some interesting enhancements to Dasher, which is, at least, something.

Anyway, the topic I wanted to share is the approach for integrating Hyperion’s surface shading back into its original host (i.e. Dasher). I was highly apprehensive of this task, I fully admit: I’d understood that I needed to have a Revit-based workflow with AECModelData available (and even to generate master views) for our model: neither of which is available to us with Dasher’s Navisworks-based workflow. (We export NWC files from Revit to avoid the messiness of dealing with multiple…

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