Ducks and Lambs Oh My

The past few days I have been moving after recently selling my home. For some strange reason animals have been drawn to my house including wild baby ducks under my deck and a baby lamb.Perhaps it was the way the neighborhood was saying “good bye” to me.
Shaan's Old House

On Wednesday I heard a “quack” out my window while in a work meeting from home, but we get ducks and geese flying over this area often and thought nothing of the random loud quack. I went for a nice kayak paddle in the afternoon at Estacada Lake on the Clackamas River to se the extent of last summers devastating forest fires.

When I returned, there was a loud non stop quacking coming from my backyard. I looked out there to see what was going on and there was a mother mallard duck acting panicked. I opened up the sliding glass door and heard lots of tiny peeping noises under my wood deck, and realized there were babies under there. They must have been walking through my yard and for some reason gotten lost and fell into the…

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