Revit Family Error Automatically Resolved

Some of you may not be aware but Autodesk sneaked in a new “Feature/Enhancement” in about version 2018 (I think?) – I do not remember any discussion or announcement about this in the testing/release process:

Warning:  “Family Error Automatically Resolved”

When you try to place or modify a component using parameter values that break the family (eg. cause impossible geometry), Revit will now try to “Fix” the family.

In reality, what is most likely going to happen is that you (the BIM or Content Manager) will be in a “Fix” or “Fixed Up” . . . . .

So, what is going on here?  

 When Revit tries to “Fix” the family, it seems that :

  • Revit makes the requested change to the values
  • Gives a warning to the user
    • As we know, most users ignore the warning and keep going
    • User clicks on OK or presses Enter

  • Revit omits the elements that it cannot create
    • Nested components are particularly prone to this
  • This results in a component that is missing some (sub)elements


  • The end user may not know what has…

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