Sometimes coincidences can guide is into doing things we probably should have got around to long ago.


A few days ago I was at the supermarket buying some reflective tape to scare away pigeons from my balcony and I came across some acrylic paints and a small stretched canvas.  I have been thinking about ordering these online for a while now, so I bought them.

Yesterday as I was setting off on my morning walk I stumbled across this strange wooden frame discarded on the waste ground right next to my building.  Couldn’t understand what it was but the timber looked reusable.  So this morning I took some screwdrivers with me and took it apart.  Took two trips to carry everything up onto my balcony.  I was still intrigued by what it could be, so I decided to put it back together.  Gradually the penny dropped … it must be an easel, as used by oil painters.


The fact that I had just bought the stuff I needed to use this wonderful object for the purpose intended was too much for me. …

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