15 years of this blog

If you’re going to forget an anniversary, let it be the one for your first engagement with social media. The very definition of a victimless crime.

I just remembered that it was back in June 2006 when I started this blog (the welcome post was on June 19th, 2006, so I didn’t miss it by much).

It’s been quite the ride… 2021 posts over 15 years, at an average of about 2.6 posts per week, rain or shine. I always set myself the goal of 3 posts per week, but in recent years that’s dropped back to 2 or so. The numbers add up, at least.

I don’t know if there’s anyone out there who has followed along during the full journey, as the subject matter has shifted significantly in recent years: the first decade or so was very much about AutoCAD and its APIs, while the last 5 years has been much more about my work with Forge, and how we (in Autodesk Research) have been using it to implement “digital twins” that integrate IoT into BIM. It’s been a lot of fun, throughout, at least…

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