Integrating Hyperions object shading into Dasher Part 2

In the first post in this series we looked at how a heatmap can be used to shade an object using the Forge viewer’s Data Visualization Extension – or Project Hyperion. In our case we shaded the surface of the MX3D bridge.

In this post we look at a slightly different use-case for this mechanism, where we want to shade a piece of geometry inside the model based on the value of a particular sensor. To be clear: this is about shading the entire object a uniform colour that varies based on the value of the sensor that’s providing the data. An example of when you might want to do this is to have mechanical devices in the model shaded based on their temperature.

In Dasher we typically have sensor geometry – often instances of a Revit family – stored in the model. When the Forge viewer loads the property data for the model, it looks for our sensor objects with metadata containing a valid sensor ID in our time-series back-end: when we find one we create a sensor located at the…

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