Why Can’t I Use Cuved Insulation in Revit yet?

 If you are one of old subscriber, you may remember one of my old posts which is about Curved Insulation in Revit.  It’s 8 years ago and Revit still doesn’t provide curved insulation… What? It’s 2021, Musk is going to Mars!!

My last insulation family was not bad but not very good either. This time, I create a Dynamo graph for the same job.  And it’s more convenient and better than basic insulation tool in some ways.

Is this what you imagine? Se below if yes.

I created two different Dynamo graph.

1st.  Using Arcs and Straight Lines.

 It’s created by my traditional method, Math.

This is just a part of the graph.


It works quite well, but I found little faulty on this.

Looks fine.. But.

It can’t generate an insulation which has small Width Ratio(wide insulation interval) like below picture. 

Basic Revit Insulation. Width Ratio=1

2nd. Using NurbsCurve.
As you can see above picture, curve of Insulation in Revit is not arc&line but NurbsCurve which can be drawn with Spline tool. So I…

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