30 Keyboard Tricks in Revit that Enhance you in Architectural Design

Using Revit is pretty straightforward. Either you are newbie or pro to Revit, user can find some shortcut to increase their productivity of work.

A) Preparation and Basic

Preparation and Basic is the first thing we are going to discuss about. Revit have some settings and features to help user work.

1) Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts allows user to work efficiently to the software. Revit is no exception.

2) Disable Double-click to Edit Elements: Double-click activates a contextual command. Disable double-click for a particular element saves lot of time.

3) Save Frequently Accessed Folders to Places: User can save frequently accessed folders to Places. User can go to different folders quickly, like accessing project folders, families, libraries, etc.

4) Ribbon Shortcuts: Revit has many shortcuts to remember all of them is not easy especially tools that less use. User can use Ribbon shortcuts for this.

5) Tear out Ribbon Panel: User can find some…

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