How strategy shapes ideas: The making of Prenguin

Meet Paul Wintour, architect and founder of Parametric Monkey, and Matt Bishop, engineer and founder of BVT. While they come from different disciplines and live and work on different sides of the Tasman, they are both highly motivated to bring innovation to the construction industry. They discuss how their journey began with creating a framework for innovation, and led to the development of Prenguin, an innovative software solution for the construction sector.

Where it all started

Following a connection on LinkedIn, Matt and Paul quickly recognised they were both working towards the same goal – Technology-led change for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. A number of conversations later, it transpired that BVT were attempting something very new in the marketplace, and Parametric Monkey had the expertise to help them get there. BVT engaged Parametric Monkey to create an innovation strategy. What eventuated was a journey of mutual…

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