MEP summit.  Is BIM a boon or a bane? 

My answer:

It’s a work in progress, it’s a moving target, it’s a broad church. 


Talking Points:

·         What value is BIM adding to the MEP stages of construction?

The value of BIM lies primarily in its ability to enhance collaboration.  I think about BIM in broad-brush terms. We are all aware of a dramatic digital transformation process affecting all aspects of our lives.  BIM is the impact of this digital revolution on the world of construction. 

As an architect I can remember trying to coordinate hand-drawn MEP layouts: flat plans traced by technicians.  I had to pore over these drawings for hours to prepare for meetings with the engineers, trying to anticipate problems that might crop up on site.  That was one of my least favourite aspects of the job.

Thirty years later I can see the ductwork appearing in the ceiling voids of our architectural model, sometimes projecting through the ceiling, or crashing into a door head.  I…

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