The MX3D bridge opens to the public

On Wednesday afternoon I headed back across to Zurich airport for my second trip to Amsterdam in as many weeks. This time I was flying with Swiss rather than KLM, and ended up checking in and boarding through an area of the airport I didn’t recognise at all. Whether this was because it had been so long since I’d been there or due to some deep refurbishment being completed during the pandemic remains to be seen.

The new (or not) terminal at ZRH

By the time I arrived in Amsterdam, things had progressed significantly with the MX3D bridge. Here’s a fun staged photo by Thijs Wolzak showing the team members helping with the preparation.

Brug Stoofsteeg Amsterdam, MX3D, JorisLaarmanLab. Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

The physical installation – such as the final connection of the swirls or the laying of the surrounding brickwork – had been fully completed and its “nervous system” (i.e. the sensor network) had been switched on that morning: after some nervousness – and a few delays – we were delighted to see sensor data flowing from the bridge into our servers (and to the cloud – and…

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