I was looking at the Composite Order and came across a capital from Romania which has an interesting version of the Acanthus leaf. 



I decided to have a go at modeling this in Revit.  I want to keep things as simple and lightweight as possible.  In a BIM context, we are not going to capture every delicate ripple of a vegetation inspired ornament.  My aim is to capture the essence with a “few bold strokes”.  The magic of the human brain will do the rest.

The first piece of geometry is a flat central rib, with a hooked top.  This is a simple sweep on a curved path, cut by a void extrusion running at right angles to the path. 


In the first iteration the hook had a flat top, but by adjusting the shape of the void I was able to soften this.

The side leaves are created in a very similar manner, but the sweep profile is just a gentle curve, without the hook at the top. 


So that gives me the first row of leaves, to swap out in my standard Corinthian capital.  You can see…

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