The 12 Most Popular BIM Construction Software Tools for 2021

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a complex process that involves not only 3D planning, but also design, construction and collaboration. Generally, BIM is a useful collaboration tool due to the ability to share relevant data with everyone involved.

3D modeling is a major part of BIM, but it does not just replace older 3D modeling solutions like AutoCAD. Maintenance data, planning information, and cost information are also included in a comprehensive BIM.

Although BIM has its advantages for any size project, its effectiveness is most apparent when using it for large-scale projects in which you can easily track costs, detect clashes, and schedule jobs.

This list would be premium BIM software as well as some more affordable options since the BIM industry focuses on large structures and big budgets.


It is famous BIM construction software called Revit that solves different design and architecture issues. Autodesk developed it and it is one of the most…

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