Floppy Friday #43

This week’s episode is an interesting one, in that it includes a couple of Italian games that I’ve found no reference to on the interwebs. And both were really fun to play!

The first was Miami Race (that’s right – not Vice, but Race), which was a very playable (i.e. fun and easy) racing game, while the second was called Pongo, which was a puzzle platformer with some really interesting 3D rotational effects. We then went on to play Mandroid and the first text adventure we’ve tried in this series, S*M*A*S*H*E*D. We then tried – but ultimately failed – to load a game called Repel.



As this is really “obscure games week”, I couldn’t find any reviews for these games, but I did manage to track down cover art for two of them.

Mandroid and SMASHED cover art

See you next week!

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