Parametric Revit Family Tutorial – Curtain Panel "Chippendale Rail"

In this parametric Revit family tutorial video I walk through the thought process and steps it took to build what we are calling the “chippendale rail”. The solution ended up being a fully parametric Revit curtain panel family that had some unique characteristics and demonstrated some really cool Revit family creation techniques.

Thanks to Jak of the BIM After Dark Community ( for inspiring this Revit tutorial video!

00:00 Introduction
00:34 BIM After Dark Community
01:15 Photo of the “Chippendale Rail”
02:19 The Completed Test Project
03:17 Parametric Revit Family Thought Process
07:47 Nested Family Diagram
08:39 Start of the Generic Model Family – Reference Planes
12:25 Create the Reference Line Rig
15:00 Make the Parametric Profile
16:58 Model the Geometry (Using Sweeps)
21:03 Load it Into a Curtain Panel Family
23:03 Load it into your Project

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