The Revit Point of Views – Interlude for Perspective…

The embodiment of man.

How do you define this? We live in a current world of turmoil, where politics and societal unrest are driving wedges between all of us, and it drives me nuts. Unfortunately, we get caught up in the talking points and miss the opportunities to have real, down to earth discussions and conversations that don’t result us losing friendships, family and more.

So what does this have to do with Revit, or BIM, or PIM, or even technology?

Tony and Mike.

I lost my uncle Tony a few weeks ago, to a sudden illness that ended with sepsis, which his heart could not handle. My dad Carl and Tony were extremely close, which helped all of the rest of my cousins be close with us. We had great childhood experiences growing up, and when we got together, the “Butts Bunch” always had a great time.

We had the family all assemble at the farm, and all of the points of diversity were represented. We have so many different characters and personalities, beliefs, lifestyles that we…

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