8 Essential Tools to Complement Your Revit Workflow

Revit is challenging. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran with Revit, it doesn’t really matter – it’s going to dominate your time. From wrapping your mind around the basics to wrangling the software to work with the complexities of a masterful design, the key to finding success with Revit is allowing yourself ample time to dig into the tool and “hammer it out.” 

The problem is that in our modern work environment, there are unending distractions that prevent us from finding the solitude and focus to work through complex problems thoroughly and completely. From email to team meetings, network issues, and more, our days can be peppered with distractions that prevent us from accomplishing anything of real substance.

While the battle for focus will likely always be present, there are some helpful tools, processes, and platforms that will help you retake ground in your effort to focus on what really matters in your workday. Here are 8 tools – both free and paid –…

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