Floppy Friday #47

[I’ve just heard the sad news that the computing pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair died last night. He changed the lives of many, many people who grew up in the UK in the 1980s. We owe him a very great debt. RIP, Sir Clive.]

Well, that was something. I spent a full hour recording this week’s episode, although I managed to whittle it down to just over half of that, as there was a huge amount of waiting around. I hope it’s still watchable enough.

It started well, playing what is apparently a conversion of a classic Atari 2600 game, Rally Speedway. It wasn’t the simplest game to play, but it was fun enough. Thinking I was carrying on with the theme, I then tried to load Test Drive. It took forever not to load, so do feel free to skip ahead on that and the next game – ACE 2 – which loaded but couldn’t be played without a copy protection code sheet. (I’ve since found a version of it online and so may try again next week – we’ll see.)

By this point I was getting a little…

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