How to Draw an Umbrella in AutoCAD

Rather than dive into three-dimensional objects such as umbrellas, let’s start by sketching in two dimensions. The most common use for AutoCAD is to create floor plans and layouts.

Drawing Lines

  • You’ll need to disable Grid Snap with F9 to create the first sketch. You can select the top view by clicking the View Cube.
  • You can either select the line command from the Ribbon or type the line manually. AutoCAD auto completes Commands based on the first letters typed, and it displays any available Commands.
  • The first point is specified after you enter the command line. If you want to enter the coordinates manually, you need to enter them manually or click a random point in your drawing space.
  • You should enter 0 as the X-coordinate, & then press Tab to move to the Y-coordinate input field. Confirm by pressing Enter.
  • As a result, you have selected the Center-Point, or the (0, 0) coordinates, as the starting point for your line.
  • Your mouse should now be moving up the Y-axis. There has…

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