Revit 2022.1 So Good it Trashed the Installer

 Excited by all the hype about Revit 2022.1, I just downloaded and installed it.

All went well apart from a couple of minor glitches:

1 – Parallel Installs

It decided that it could not install more than 33%, and sat there for ages before announcing that it had failed due to some other install going on.  I have no idea what it was – some kind of system update, which required a reboot?

After rebooting the computer the install worked smoothly and quickly

2 – Trash the Installer

After completion, I decided to make a backup of the installer software and remove it from the hard-disk to save space – all 851 Mb of it.

Where the heck was it?  I searched high and low – in the Download folder?  In the Software folder that I had previously moved it to?  No.  

Eventually I found it in the ‘Recycle Bin’.  How did it get there?

I may be getting a bit forgetful, but I surely would know if I had somehow deleted the installer?

Could it be that Autodesk have built this “Self-Destruct” capability into…

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