A video on pathfinding with VASA

Rhys Goldstein has published the second part of his informative video series on using the VASA (Voxel-based Architectural Space Analysis) package with Dynamo. The first part was an overall introduction to the package while this part dives into pathfinding, taking a close look at samples that show how it might be used in both 2D and 3D.

While the overall video is really interesting – some of you might find it a bit long at 43 minutes but it’s quite watchable at 2X and is packed full of useful information – one of the sections that stood out for me was where Rhys digs into voxel sizing and how you can tweak it to fit your usage scenario.

Voxel sizes

Here’s the video:

I’ve myself used some of the techniques Rhys discusses in this video to tweak the performance of a Dynamo script integrating VASA with the FormIt, something we’ll see in an upcoming post.

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