Autodesk Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building

A great article by my crazy smart friend and Autodesk colleague as well as fellow Bend Oregon resident, Brian Pene on explaining our (Autodesk) long strong relationship with the Smithsonian and the new exhibition showcasing the future of human/machine collaboration.

New Autodesk & Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building exhibit showcases the future of human/machine collaboration

America’s first National Museum, the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building (AIB) has been dormant for nearly two decades. A few years ago, Autodesk learned the space would reopen for a temporary exhibition to celebrate the Smithsonian’s 175th Anniversary.

Now, that time has come! Through next July, the museum will be reborn as a national space to explore ideas and questions about the future. And as a company that shares AIB’s optimistic outlook and is hugely invested in empowering people to design and make a better world, we were eager to collaborate.

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