Floppy Friday #56

In this week’s episode we play 4 games on a Commodore 64, loaded from 5 1/4” floppy disk. We started with a game I had high hopes for – coming from Gremlin Graphics, and being based on a series of “fighting fantasy” gamebooks (although not the Steve Jackson & Ian Livingston ones, it seems) – called Blood Valley. We then played Pac-Land, an interesting game called ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter) and then Thrust II.



Here’s the cover art for this week’s selection:

Floppy Friday #56 cover art

The folks at Zzap! 64 magazine loathed Blood Valley

Blood Valley review

… and tolerated Thrust II:

Thrust II review

As mentioned in video, I’ve gone and bought a box of 160 Amiga floppies (these ones being 3 1/2”, of course). They should be arriving by post tomorrow:

Amiga diskettes

I’m yet to get hold of an Amiga, but this gives me some hope that I’ll continue the series beyond the initial 64 episodes focused on the C64. Let’s see!

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