Enscape for Revit Tutorial – What's New in 3.2?!

Wondering what’s new in Enscape for Revit (version 3.2)!? In this video I break down my top two favorite new features and show you how to use them. In this Enscape for Revit tutorial you’ll get a chance to quickly see how the new Dynamic Asset Placement and Panoramic Tour features will improve your workflow and make your Enscape for Revit experience so much better.

There have been a bunch of great real-time rendering releases in the last month so I wanted to start a short series that reviews them all. Stay tuned for some more here on the channel!

Links Mentioned:
Save 10% Off of Enscae 3.2 – https://enscape.bimafterdark.com
Previous Reviews and Videos about Enscape – http://therevitkid.blogspot.com/search/label/enscape

00:00 Introduction
00:53 My Two Favorite New Features
01:15 Enscape 3.2 – Dynamic Asset Placement
06:05 Enscape 3.2 – Multi-Asset Placement
08:18 Enscape 3.2 – Panoramic Tour and Batch Rendering

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