Getting ready for Tandem: a call to action for Forge developers

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time exploring how Project Dasher might make use of the platform capabilities of Autodesk Tandem. This is just one effort connecting the two projects, and the one I tend to think of as “Tandem inside Dasher”: the Tandem team is looking what makes sense in terms of “Dasher inside Tandem” (i.e. which Dasher features it makes sense to surface in Tandem for their customers).

As I’ve hopefully said before, Autodesk Tandem fills a really important gap in the process to build out a model-centric digital twin: Project Dasher project was never intended to solve the broader problem of digital handover, and was based on the premise that you’d start with a high-quality, as-built model of your facility. Which would – by the way – be out-of-date the moment it was integrated, as the model was considered a static resource.

Tandem flips this around and focuses on building out features that make it easier for its users to keep the digital…

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