Revit + Dynamo Tutorial – Image Mapping On Curtain Panels

In a recent episode of Revit Pure Live with Niko G., we’ve discussed a Dynamo script that allows you to map an image to a curtain wall. Each curtain panel opening is set to match the brightness of the image.

Niko kindly shared the script, which I slightly modified to fix a couple of minor issues.

You can download the Dynamo script here and the Revit file here.

Here are the complete instructions to recreate the curtain panel family and the dynamo script. If you want, you can scroll down to only get the instructions on how to use the completed script.

Creating a Curtain Panel Family

First, you’ll need a curtain panel family that is compatible with the script. It needs to have a hole in the center that can be controlled by a radius parameter.

Create a new family using the Curtain…

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