Revit Family Tips ( From a Professional Revit Family Creator ! )

On this episode of BIM After Dark Live I will be joined by Brenton Wiberg to talk about his favorite Revit Family Tips.

I am super excited to hear Brenton’s perspective on Revit family creation because he actually get’s PAID to make Revit families.

Brenton sells packages of Revit cabinet families, door families, and window families. He also consults and builds custom parametric family content for clients… We will unpack what he has learned throughout his parametric family creation journey!

Sit back, relax, and let’s geek out on Revit families!

Links Mentioned:
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Brenton’s Revit Families –
Brenton’s FREE Families and Cheat Sheet –
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00:00 Introduction
02:19 Polycam – iPhone to BIM!
04:00 Introducing Brenton Wiberg
07:15 What’s it Like to get PAID to make Revit Families?
13:31 Big “BAD” BIM Tip of the Week – Egress Calculation Tip
22:28 Tip: Don’t Start with a Hosted Family
27:37 Building a Table – Start with the Bones
31:25 Organizing Your Family Parameters
35:03 Tip: Don’t Just click the locks in sketch mode!
43:14 Building the Table Legs
47:30 Tip: Don’t Push Pull, Set Work Planes!
56:27 Nested Families – Bringing in Some Chairs
01:00:45 Tip: Don’t Double Nest Families
01:04:55 Array a Nested Family using Last Object Array
01:12:10 Tip: Using a Family Type Parameter for Nested Families
01:18:13 Outro

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