Let’s take stock:

I created a component with independent parameters: Height, Length, Width, Roof Pitch.  Then I put “length” in the driving seat, with “Scale Factors” to control Width & Height. 


Big mistake. “Height” needs to be the Primary Input. As soon as I assemble 4 of my generic “Naves” into a cross this becomes obvious.  Keep the Height constant and vary the length.

So far, there are 3 versions: no aisles, single aisle, double aisle. That’s a step in the right direction, but let’s try to adapt it to a real-world case.



Notre Dame for example.  I’m using Two Aisles for the Nave and Chancel, One Aisle for the Transepts.  (ignoring the chapels for now, it’s just a proof of concept)

The west end is formed of 3 cuboids, and the Apse can be created from the Nave family by editing the path from a straight line to a very small semicircle.

In 2019 when Project Notre Dame was in full flow, I did a study for my talk at Autodesk University. This…

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