How far should I take this?  How many churches to model?

In the last post on LinkedIn I suggested that making Revit families is a “design” process, meaning non-linear, cyclical, “you don’t know how to even define the problem until you start trying to solve it”

So I am thinking in terms of multiple cycles, an iterative process. Round 1 was setting up a primitive “system” of nested families nested into a container.  Round 2 applied this system to a real-world example (Notre Dame) Now we are in Round 3, so what? Make a few more? How many? What type?

 What is the landscape of possibility?


Winter Wonderland. I’m fascinated by the way words shift their meaning. Slippery as soap. For a couple of years now I’ve been using an Etymology app on my phone to explore derivations on the fly before those slippery words slither down my memory hole.

Winter is the “Wet” season. Wonderland is a place where girls called Alice believe 6 impossible things before breakfast. Wonder is definitely a…

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