BIM is here to stay: Why it’ll matter most in 2021 and beyond

During the last four decades, construction companies have been using BIM. By streamlining operations and reducing costs, it has proved beneficial to construction companies. While this may not seem like a huge change, it will allow smooth operations on COVID-19 when teams split between different locations.

The use of BIM will continue to be important to companies as vaccines develop, especially as they use it in innovative ways. They need to find an implementation partner that can help them to leverage BIM to its full potential.

Evolution of BIM in 2021

Adoption of Cloud

The construction process will naturally result in clashes and errors as the project progresses. An important value proposition of Building Information modeling is identifying and fixing these clashes. It will be impossible to assess the progress of a project unless all stakeholders have access to the same information from the site. The contractors will save time and money by reworking a plan that doesn’t…

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