Mastering Revit MEP Systems (w/David Butts)

On this episode of BIM After Dark Live I will be joined by David Butts to talk about mastering Revit MEP Systems. However, this will not be your typical “click here” demonstration of MEP Systems in Revit….

David and I will discuss understanding the workflow more than the features. It’s about changing a mindset to understand the relationship between objects in design and model, and how relevant data transverses between objects. It what CAD guys still don’t get – the deliverable is no longer going to be about the sheet, it’s going to be about the data towards a true set of digital twins.

Some of the topics we will touch on include:
– Reviewing the four step process of Revit MEP system design
– How systems alter perspective towards the MEP design tools
– Understanding the failure of traditional CAD for MEP and overcoming it
– Looking towards new deliverables with clients and consumers

David is the Engineering Technology Manager for Gannett Fleming with over 35 years of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction field. He has design experience for a variety of project types, and he was an Autodesk University top-rated speaker for labs and lectures in 2011, 2016 and 2019.

So sit back, relax, and let’s geek out!!

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00:00 Introduction
02:12 Try Twinmotion for Free Today –
04:33 Introducing David Butts
10:54 The Four Steps to MEP Systems
11:15 Step 1 – Select and Add Target and Source Equipment for Revit MEP Systems
17:45 Step 2 – Create Target Source Relationship for Revit MEP Systems
25:40 Step 3 – Create Connecting Geometry for Revit MEP Systems
34:00 Can you Mirror a Revit MEP System
35:40 Step 4 – Tag, Schedule, & Dimensions Revit MEP Systems

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