Harnessing the Tandem SDK inside Dasher

Back in September we started the work to integrate the (currently still internal) SDK for Autodesk Tandem into Project Dasher. This is what I’ve referred to, in the past, as “Tandem inside Dasher” (as opposed to “Dasher inside Tandem”).

The work hasn’t been happening constantly: it’s been intermittent, as changes were needed to both Tandem and the core Forge viewer to support certain workflows. I’m happy to say that, as of this week, the integration is pretty close to having parity with the version based on the traditional Forge viewer, with a few gaps that should be filled in over the coming months. This work isn’t intended for public consumption, to be clear: it was to better align Dasher with the Tandem platform but also to test out a few key component integrations.

Here’s a quick run-down of the capabilities we’ve (re-)implemented using the Tandem SDK.

We started by getting all the level and room information from Tandem, as opposed to having these defined…

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