I made it up (the NAME) 

Is there a “real” name for it? Was the bond invented by P.V. Jensen-Klint as a variation on a local bricklaying tradition? Not clear to me. There is a variant of Monk bond, that was used in Denmark, according to photos I took in Aarhus in 2017.  But it’s not quite the same as this one.

I was looking at my photos of Klint’s famous Grundtvig’s Church in Copenhagen. Zooming in on the brickwork I was intrigued by the bond.



Very difficult to discern the pattern at first so I decided to draw it.  Seems to be the logic behind the bonding used in his churches, although it’s usually broken up by vertical projections, recesses, windows & doors.  Also the bricks are old and worn, on top of the natural variation in colour and shape. 

Drawing has always been one of my primary tools for solving problems, discerning patterns, separating order from chaos. It’s a physical, embodied process, something that underpins all our cognition in my view.  I sketched…

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