Tracer V3 Preview Webinar – New 3D Capabilities for Power BI (Recorded Live on May 4, 2022)

This webinar previews new V3 capabilities for Proving Ground’s Tracer 3D Power BI technology. Tracer allows users to render 3D BIM objects within Power BI using model data harvested from Revit and IFC files.

Version 3 of the 3D Power BI tools will include numerous performance enhancements and new features for integrating 3D data with Power BI. Join us for this session to learn more about the future of BIM with business intelligence.

In this webinar recording you will learn:

– What are opportunities for leveraging 3D data in Power BI.
– How the 3D Power BI visual displays interactive 3D objects from Revit and IFC data.
– How V3 improves visual performance for rendering BIM data
– What is new Tracer V3 including visual settings and contextual geometry.