The Autodesk Tandem API is now in Beta

If you’ve visited the Tandem website, this week, you may have seen a little footer saying: “Unleash the power of digital twins with Tandem APIs | Now in Beta

This is interesting news for the many (100+, at the last count) developers using Forge to build digital twins. Those using Revit or IFC as a data-source will most probably find the possibility of building on Tandem to be of significant interest.

If you click on the “Learn more about APIs” link to the right of the footer, you’ll end up on a page that describes the API and SDK available for Tandem and points you at further resources.

Tandem API landing page

One that’s of particular interest to “hands-on” developers is the Tandem SDK test bed, an interactive environment that allows you to see what’s possible with the current API – using your own facilities.

I tried the test bed quickly with the NEST facility – this is the one that loaded by default for me when I logged in.

NEST in the Tandem SDK test bed

I won’t dig into the capabilities of the SDK today – many…

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