Naviate Rebar unveiled for Revit 2023

Our new breed of reinforcement modelling tools, Naviate Rebar, has been launched earlier this week during the annual Autodesk University conference. Naviate Rebar is built on a completely new framework which utilises many of the new and improved reinforcement tools that Autodesk have introduced such as rebar constraints and rebar propagation.

The rebar modelling tools currently include reinforcement generation for Beams, Columns and Walls as well as a series of tools to manage rebar visualisation. I have produced a short YouTube video outlining the main features and functionality of Naviate Rebar.

Some of the new innovations include modeless dialogs where rebar can be applied to the elements and previewed directly within the Revit model negating complex preview functions within the dialog boxes. Each dialog has a clean, simple arrangement of tools to increase productivity and simplify usage. For example, the column reinforcement dialog shown below will handle…

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