Parametric Cabinets in Revit Tutorial (w/Brent)

In this episode of BIM After Dark Live I will be welcoming Brenton Wiberg back to the show to talk about building parametric cabinets in Revit. In this live Revit tutorial, Brenton will walk through how he goes about building a custom cabinet family from scratch! We’ll explore his thought process on how to approach this type of family and his lessons learned from many years of getting PAID to MAKE families just like this one.

So sit back, relax, and let’s geek out!!

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Array Based Families Tutorial –
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00:00 Introduction
02:40 Join the BIM After Dark Community today –
10:59 Starting a Cabinet Family in Revit
15:07 Extrusions or Voids when Creating Geometry in a Revit Family?
27:00 Creating the Cabinet Door Panel
30:00 How Brenton Creates his Cabinet Drawers
39:00 Always Align to your Reference Plane, Not Geometry
42:25 Breaking down the final Cabinet Family

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