Your input on the future of AEC professions

[Firstly, apologies to regular readers who have struggled to load this blog over the last week or so. Typepad has had the mother of all outages, but things seem to be back on track now.]

One of my oldest friends, Matt Armitage, lives in Kuala Lumpur and participates in a regular show on a local business-oriented radio station – BFM 89.9 – talking about technology. The show is called Mattsplained (abbreviated to MSP) and I have to admit I’m completely hooked on it (I happen to listen to it via Spotify, but I think it’s on all major podcast networks). It’s partly great to hear Matt’s voice on a regular basis, but it’s also very interesting to get Matt’s take on happenings in the tech universe, especially through the lens of someone living in Malaysia. (Matt also writes a really interesting Substack, too.)

In recent episodes Matt has covered the evolution and application of AI-based tools such as DALL·E, Midjourney and now Stable Diffusion, and how they’re starting to…

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