Facility Monitoring beta in Autodesk Tandem

Some huge news was dropped by the Autodesk Tandem team, last week. Their Facility Monitoring feature is now available to Tandem customers as a Beta release.

This is effectively the culmination of more than a decade of our research into contextualising sensor (IoT) data inside 3D (mainly BIM) environments.

Project Dasher desktop

It started through Project Dasher in late 2009, which – passing by our work on Dasher 360 from 2016 – led to the creation of the APS (formerly Forge) viewer’s Data Visualization Extension in 2020-21.

Dasher 360

In this latest phase, Dasher has inspired the Tandem team to build out Dasher-like features to bring sensor data into Tandem, effectively completing the journey started with Project Dasher, way back when.

Facility Monitoring in Tandem

Here’s the full video showing this new feature in action:

The Tandem team used the DataViz extension to implement this feature, of course, so some code from the original Project Dasher lives on inside Tandem… which is nice. But even if this wasn’t the case, the legacy of…

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