Changes After 25 Years

Shaan Hurley
Some may have heard, but after 25 years at Autodesk, my current role was eliminated this week. I’m considering open internal roles at Autodesk or venturing back into the outside world. Still processing it all and disappointed, but it is forcing functions like this that always make for the best opportunities and growth. I only planned to be at Autodesk 2-3 years and then go back to the design world so it has been a bonus 22 years and amazing friends from customers, partners, industry, and colleagues.

What a wild ride and adventure
During my time at Autodesk, I had the privilege of serving in several key roles, including Community Engagement Manager, Global Innovation Lead, Technologist for the Office of the CTO, Global Beta Manager, Product Marketing, Product Management on the AutoCAD Product Team, Social Media and Blogs, and Autodesk Labs. Half my life spent at Autodesk and over half Autodesk’s existence.

As I move forward, I am looking to leverage my extensive experience to…

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