Back to my 2011 pumpkin adventures. A smooth and regular Doric column is perfectly, but when it morphs into a pumpkin it should be coarse and lumpy with some random shape variations.

This remains one of the major challenges with a program like Revit. How to represent wonky walls and irregular elements like thatched roofs? Materials can take you part of the way and judicious use of distorted geometry in family editor can sometimes hint at organic form.

Please don’t suggest AI. Something deep inside objects to using algorithms to simulate the beauty of hand crafted work. It needs the human touch. That’s the whole point.



In 1981 and recently turned 30, I received a letter out of the blue. One of my old college tutors thought I might be interested in a volunteering opportunity in newly independent Zimbabwe.

For the past 8 years I had been working in the building trades at a very basic hands-on level, including a 6 month training programme as a…

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