Introduction to Worksharing in Revit

A tutorial on how to use worksharing in Revit:
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Worksharing in Autodesk Revit allows multiple users to work on a single project concurrently. It allows users to check out and check in specific project elements, such as floors, walls, and views, for editing. This ensures that two users don’t make conflicting changes to the same element at the same time.

  1. Before you start working with worksharing in Revit, you need to make sure that your project is set up for worksharing. To do this, go to the Collaborate tab and click on the “Set Up Worksharing” button. This will open the “Set Up Worksharing” dialog box.
  2. In the “Set Up Worksharing” dialog box, select the “Central” option and click “Browse” to select a location for the central model. This is the main file that all users will be working on.
  3. Click “OK” to create the central model. You will be prompted to save the project before it can be set up for worksharing.
  4. Once the central model has been created, you can…

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