The Importance & Impact of BIM for Structural Engineers in Different Job Roles

There is a special place in the construction industry for structural engineers. These highly skilled team members move between the office and the job site creatively and practically. Nearly every member of the construction team is impacted by their decisions. They lend their expertise to a variety of projects.

Safety Experts

It is arguably one of the most important aspects of a structural engineer’s job. Structural engineers conduct safety audits and inspections every day, whether it’s assessing a construction project or inspecting an existing building for reported structural issues. A complex inspection should record and action regardless of its complexity.

BIM allows users to access it through any computer log on to sites. Building regulations comply with predefined templates. Furthermore, they can be customized for specific site irregularities and client needs.

Construction Audit

Using this new audit template for future projects can be easily adapted and saved for…

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