Architect & YouTuber – Desk Tour (Only $350!)

In a previous livestream I walked through the design/construction of my home office. I got a bunch of questions about the actual desk setup. So, I thought I would make a video tour of an Architect & YouTuber’s desk consists of. Plus, I’m pretty excited to share a hack to getting an adjustable desk for under $350!

Husky 52” Workbench –
Large Drawer –
Cable Trays –
Power Strip –
Microphone –
Microphone Stand –
Audio Interface –
Cloudlifter (for Mic gain) –
Cooling Pad –
Mouse –
Elgato Streamdeck –
Camera Mount –
DSLR Webcam –
DSLR Camera Lens –
Camera Light –
Monitor Stand –
Headphones –

Here are some links to all of the hardware and software I use:

My Main Revit Computer (BIMBOX) –
How I Record My Tutorials (Camtasia Studio) –
My Microphone (Blue Yeti USB) –
My Studio Headphones (Sennheiser HD 600) –
My Camera for Videos and Images (Canon EOS 80D) –
The Lens I use for these videos (50mm) –
My Webcam for Webinars (Logitech C922X) –
My Favorite Sketchbook (“Blank” by 30×40) –
My Favorite Sketching Pens (Sharpie “Fine”) –
Greatest Sketching Marker of All Time (Sign Pen) –

** Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning you don’t pay anything more but I may get a small commission for a sale… Cheers! **

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